Tasting tour: Where buckwheat grows?

We will start the 1-day tour from the authentic Zervynai village, which maintained its layout from 18-19th century. We will visit Ūla akis water stream (the Eye of Ūla), visit the largest village in Lithuania Marcinkoniai, take a walking trail through the largest swamp in Lithuania – Čepkeliai marsh. In Dzūkija homestead we will immerse ourselves in the tasting and education of culinary heritage, during which we will get acquainted with the production of Dzūkija buckwheat dishes.

Place or route of the excursion: Vilnius – Dzūkija.

One day excursion.

Excursion cost: from 23€ per person.

Price for a group of 10 to 20 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, tastings, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

Individual trips on request. Dates, duration, price and program are discussed depending on individual needs.


From 23 per person

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Tasting tour: Where buckwheat grows?

Although Dzūkija cannot boast of the fertility of its lands, the people already living here – Dzūkija with their sincerity and hospitality can not give up to anyone. The picturesque nature of this region attracts many travelers who have strayed here. The famous saying of folk wisdom “If not mushrooms and not berries …” perfectly describes this region – it is rich in forest products, which attracts tourists from all over Lithuania. Driving around Dzūkija, where you can’t see – pines everywhere: on the tops of dunes and on the slopes of river valleys, undulating plains and swamps. But there are not only pines here, but also rapid cold-water rivers and streams, lakes shining among the forests.

In the southern part of Dzūkija, there are “Šiliniai” Dzuks, who call themselves pegylikas Dzūks.

Marcinkonys, Mančiagirė, Zervynos, Musteika are the old Dzūkina villages. Old traditions and customs, unique way of life and traditional crafts have survived here. Most importantly, sincere, simple people who have preserved the customs of their ancestors live here.

We will start our trip from Zervynai, a village of Pieskynai, surrounded by forests. The free-planning street village of 48 homesteads has survived from the 18th to the 19th century. the resulting plan and architectural peculiarities. In this village, in addition to the unique architecture, we will see the Zervynai crosses, surrounded by white aprons – an old tradition of decorating crosses in this village is still alive today.

We will continue the trip to the natural monument spring “Ūlos akis.” Since ancient times, Lithuanians have given special power to the spring water. the sand raised is, as the locals say, a “cold apple”.

Later we will visit the largest village in Lithuania Marcinkoniai. In ancient times, Marcinkonis was surrounded by huge forests, where the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Vytautas, Jogaila and others hunted. And today, the residents of this largest village in Lithuania are mostly engaged in forest products, rural tourism businesses, and cherish crafts.

We will visit the largest high marsh in Lithuania – Čepkeliai marsh. You will feel this unique place best by following the educational trail. On this trail we will see Čepkeliai cliffs, dunes overgrown with pine forests, we will get acquainted with the vegetation of the swamp and forest. And we will see Čepkeliai marsh from the observation tower. It overlooks vast areas of smoky swamps dotted with forested islands and the unique landscape of the area.

We will end a rich day around the Dzūkija region in the educational program of „Buckwheat Road“ In Grikucis homestead. In it we will learn everything related to buckwheat, its cultivation, traditional processing, production of buckwheat dishes and serving to the table. While tasting buckwheat dishes and other Dzūkija snacks, we will hear inspiring stories from the hostess, we will get acquainted with ancient Dzūkija region work tools, we will be able to try them ourselves. Have you ever tasted buckwheat pancakes? And have you tried to bake a Dzūkija buckwheat bean yourself? The hostess bakes it the way her ancestors did 100 years ago: from buckwheat flour, adding buttermilk-extinguished soda. And all that is written in an old recipe created by Dzukija women. In Grikucis homestead we will taste not only these, but also even more interesting buckwheat (and not only) dishes. And during this educational program we will be able to beat buckwheat, roll grain, grind with ancient mills, sift flour, mix dough, bake and taste buckwheat pancakes. In a word, it’s all about buckwheat!