See what you haven’t seen and discover what you haven’t found!

We will visit the famous Zarasai region with an abundance of lakes. We will admire the views of the lake from the Zarasai observation circle. We will go to Rokiškis, where we will visit the beautiful and Rokiškis church, we will visit the homestead of Rokiškis manor, which has received the EDEN award. Here we will see the exposition in it, participate in the educational programs “Cheese Road” or “Tea Drinking Hour”. Or it will be possible to go to Juodupė and participate in the educational confectionery lesson “House of mushroom and Tree cakes”.

We will go to the only manor in the Baltic States and one of the few in Estonia, Ilzenberg manor, which was reborn and farmed according to the principles of natural agriculture. We will walk around its park, take part in the tasting of the products produced by this manor.

Place or route of the excursion: Vilnius – Zarasai – Rokiškis – Ilzenberg manor.

One day excursion.

Price for a group of 10 to 20 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

Individual trips on request. Dates, duration, price and program are discussed depending on individual needs.

From 25 per person

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See what you haven’t seen and discover what you haven’t found!

If you are looking for a place where you can see an unseen spectacular view and at the same time relax, visit the unique, the only such in Lithuania – Zarasai observation circle, which offers a fabulous panorama of Lake Zarasai. Impressions will last a long time! The biggest advantage of the observation wheel is not its height (17 meters), but the attractive environment and exceptional views. This object, often visited by many visitors, has already become a business card of Zarasai town.

This region of Lithuania fascinates visitors not only with its waters, but also with its picturesque and unique landscape. For many years, visitors were coming from various places to see the old Stelmužė oak and made sure that such natural wonders actually existed. It is one of the oldest oaks in Europe, and the oldest tree in Lithuania. It is estimated to be about 2,000 years old. The oak is 23 m. high, and 8-9 men are needed to cencircle the trunk! There are many legends and stories about the oak. It was from that through the grave one could descend into the underworld, that under its roots there might be a treasure, and under the branches a holy fire burned long time ago.

We will travel to Rokiškis, the decoration of which is Church of the St.Matthew the Evangelist. This shrine of amazing beauty was built by Count Tyzenhaus, parishioners even 19 years old. Behind the high altar you can read the names of all the parishioners who contributed as much as possible to the construction of the church. It was estimated that the cost of building a church could have reached a million roubles! Asked about the church’s expenses, the family of the founders, Tyzenhaus, replied, “God knows, so we don’t need to count.” Although this shrine is already eye-catching outside, the true beauty opens up inside it: It is the high altar, the statues of the Counts Tyzenhaus, the organ of 24 registers, the stained glass! The drum preserved and used in the church during the great holidays of the year is the drum introduced by the hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Mykolas Kazimieras Pacas as a victory trophy of the Battle of Chotin won in 1673. The representatives of all three related dynasties that ruled the Rokiškis manor rest in the dungeon chapel.

We are in a hurry to visit Rokiškis manor, which in 2011 was recognized as the most attractive tourist destination in Lithuania.

The manor house was built in 1801 in the Classic style according to the project of an unknown architect. Today, the Rokiškis Region Museum is located here with over 100 thousand exhibits! A special place is occupied by the unique exposition of carvings by the local artist Lionginas Šepka, as well as the only exposition of nativity scene in Lithuania. That’s not all the manor treasures yet. When visiting it, we will also see the restored interior of the manor dining room; especially valuable exhibit – 19th c. map of Rokiškis county. We will also admire the fashions of that time – the dresses of the countesses and the costumes of the count! Here we can take part in educational programs, the most popular of which is “The Cheese Road”, how long it takes to get to our table, or how real counts can take part in a tea from porcelain cups drinking ceremony and hear the story of its origin.

Or we travel to a town near the Latvian border with the mysterious name Juodupė. Here at the House of „Mushrooms and tree cakes“ we will become true confectioners and bake delicacies with our own hands.

We end our journey through this unique region at Ilzenberg Manor. Time doesn‘t not exist here, because seeing is really something. In 1515 Baron Bernt von Kersenbrok founded the Ilzenberg manor Ilsenberg in German named meaning Mount Ilze.

After 500 years, the manor has returned to its historic roots. It is the only manor in the Baltic States and one of the few in Europe that was reborn and farmed on the principles of natural agriculture. Here is a 14-hectare English-style park. Manor geese graze freely. A pair of black swans live in the ponds. You can greet nearby sheep, chickens, cows. Here you will find the northernmost vineyard in Lithuania. The park is also decorated with various artistic sculptures. It is impossible not to notice the 500-year-old mighty man – the oak of Ilzenberg manor! Let’s not forget to go to the Love Island in Lake Ilgis, on the other shore of which you can see neighboring Latvia. It is said that the words of love uttered on this island last a lifetime… Here is paradise on earth, right? ..

Also, admiring the environment around us in this manor, we will taste the world of tastes and smells of the products made here. Here, a variety of natural foods is stored as if in a food museum and tasted so as not to be forgotten. During the tasting, you will not only taste various natural Lithuanian favorite products, but also learn how they are made, why they are so valuable and delicious.