The Cheese and Wine Taste road

We will visit the Rokiškis town, is inseparable from cheeses. Here we will visit the impressive Rokiškis church, we will walk to the Independence square. We will visit the homestead of Rokiškis manor, which has received the EDEN “Most Attractive Tourist Locations” award, where we will participate in the educational program “Cheese Road”. We are going to Anykščiai, visiting the second largest, but the most famous Lithuanian stone – Puntukas, we will walk the first Lajai trail in the Baltic States. At the „Anykščių Vynas“ factory, we will learn about the process of making a wine drink, the history of the factory, and taste the beverages produced here.

Place or route of the excursion: Vilnius – Rokiškis  – Anykščiai.

One day excursion.

Price for a group of 10 to 20 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

Individual trips on request. Dates, duration, price and program are discussed depending on individual needs.

From 25 per person

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The Cheese and Wine Taste road

On the picturesque roads of Auštaitija we will move towards the city of Rokiškis, the name of which is often associated with cheese. The people of Rokiškis do not call their city the “cheese capital”. Rokiškis is a city in North-Eastern Lithuania, famous for its old architecture, beautiful cultural traditions, and the manor ofthe Counts Tyzenhaus.

We will take a tour through the city streets, eye-catching Independence Square. We will be surprised by the beautiful Rokiškis Church St. of Matthew. It is one of the most prominent neo-Gothic buildings of the historicist period.

Inside the church you will be amazed by the stunning Gothic mysticism in the light of stained glass: the ornament of the high altar, the statues of Count Tyzenhaus, meticulously hand-made woodwork, the organ of 24 voices! The treasure in it is no less impressive. It is said that according to the wishes of Count Reinold Tyzenhaus, the guests who visited him had to carry presents not to him but to the church. This is a considerable treasure trove of values.

Rokiškis is the only one in Lithuania that can be called the city of painted window shutters. The houses on the main street are decorated with shutters. The idea of ​​reviving the tradition of home decoration originated in 2003, and in 2005 the painting of shutters turned into a project that has been successfully implemented for 15 years. Artists from all over Lithuania and neighboring countries take part in the plein airs taking place here.

We will visit the museum located in the manor of the Counts Tyzenhaus. We will see the authentic interior of the manor house, works of applied art, unique wood carvings by the famous artist Lionginas Šepkus. By the way, the homestead of Rokiškis manor has won the EDEN “The Most Attractive European Tourist Destination”. This abbreviation means (European Destinations of Excellence). The honorable title of the most attractive tourist area was awarded to Rokiškis manor for the well-equipped exposition of the manor, fostering history and culture, and educating the younger generation.

We will take a walk in the “hare park” next to the manor and find out why Rokiškis people like hares so much. Decorative bunny sculptures-benches or chairs will invite you to sit on and try to see if you are bigger than the carrot kept in the hare‘s paws.

After the tour we will take part in an interesting program “Cheese Road”. Rokiškis resdents will tell about the customs and traditions of cheese-making, introduce the household utensils that were used on the farm to make cheese. And after all, we will taste high-quality cheese, which will be served in even a few types.

From Rokiškis we will travel to Anykščiai. Here we will walk through the tops of the trees – the Lajų trail. This is the first such a trail in the Baltic States and throughout Eastern Europe. Here we will rise from the ground to the tops of the trees, and after climbing its observation tower, located at a height of 21 m, we will see the bends of the River Šventoji and the panorama of the famous Anykščiai forest. We will also see the most famous and the second largest stone in Lithuania – Puntukas stone. According to the legend, the devil carried a stone of greatness with purity, and wanted to throw it on the church of Anykščiai, but the rooster crew and the stone remained in the forest. The bas-reliefs of Lithuanian pilots who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas are carved on its surface.

Anykščiai church towers can be seen from afar. And not surprisingly, this church is the tallest in Lithuania, the height of its towers is 79 m. We will climb to the observation deck at a height of 33 m, from which  Anykščiai town, the river Sventoji and the surroundings, which separate it in the middle, will open like a  hand palm.

Did you know that the wine of „Anykščiai vynas“ has been tasted even by the British royal family. In the cognitive program “Journey of Lithuanian Drinks” we will get acquainted with the interesting history and products of “Anykščiai Wine” factories. Professional experts from „Anykščiai vynas“, who have graduated from Somelje, will invite you to the factory, which has cherished Lithuanian authentic winemaking traditions for almost a century. You’ll hear the history of this factory, which dates back to 1926; we will get acquainted with Voruta wine production processes: from fruit and berry juice pressing to bottling; we will listen to sommelier stories about the taste and aromatic properties of tasted drinks, and the basic principles of combining wine and food.