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It’s not only shining armor and colorful costumes, but also blood-curdling fights with real strikes that damagearmor and shatter shields. Our weapons and armor used in fights are reconstructions of authentic archaeological findings from XIV – XV centuries. We have special knight fighting programs for your events.


The theatrical tournament of the 4 knights can be performed for you. A herald, who hoststhe tournament, will honorably introduce the knights, together with their squires, invited from the public who bring flags. Knights fight in the duels to win the ladies’ hearts, who are also chosen from the spectators. The winner of the tournament is the knight who triumphs over all the other knights. The winner’s lady is announced as queen of the tournament and all the ladies gets symbolic gifts – medieval medallions.


Two knights and a squire will show an interactive representation of weapons and armors, as well as some duels. They will explain what kind of weapons were used in middle ages. Everything will be given for the spectators to try on, whilst interesting stories and some jokes won’t let to get bored during the program.