Summer Camp with Huskies in Indian Village

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Kids’ Summer Camp with Huskies in Indian Village

During the camp, kids will be invited to move to the vastness of wild prairies where Indians rule the land and life in harmony with nature is conjuring, creates challenges and defines new goals. This camp is special because the children are housed in an indigenous village where everyone is assigned a husky to take care of for a week, and all days are planned such that the kids are busy most of the time.

Camp participants will have fun in an unusual manner by spending time with very smart dogs. They will undoubtedly gain new experiences, feeling of responsibility, will spend a week in fresh air surrounded by a regional park in a forest and will meet a lot of new friends. Previous years’ impressions can be found HERE.


During the journey in time and space kids will experience:

Life in Indian village. When we meet at a camp, we will split into tribes and build dwellings to feel like home. We will sleep under the starry sky surrounded by wild nature whose sounds we will intently listen to. It’s an amazing opportunity to get closer to the nature, to get to know forest inhabitants, to learn to respect them and, most interestingly, to live in authentic Native American conical tent – Tipi!

Fun and original hobbies. In the camp we will learn a lot of outside games which will require physical activity and team work. We will play indigenous football, we will shoot with the bows and spitballs, will compete with each other and merrily celebrate our successes.

Husky friendship and activities with them. Camp leader Running Wolf has over 30 huskies as companions! They are special dogs who will spend days with us – we will be acquainted with them, we will learn how to take care and communicate with them, we will be able to spend as much time as we like with them! But don’t forget that this relationship won’t be all just fun, but also a responsibility – you will get to know what it means to be responsible and careful, while the new friendship and experiences will undoubtedly stay in your memory for a whole life!

Preparation for dogsledding competition. Did you know that your new friends, huskies, are dogsledding champions? During the camp you will get to know about the professional side of their lives – you will get to know everything about dogsledding as a sport, the art of dogsledding, you will participate in the husky training and finally you will yourselves be able to sled with the huskies.

Indigenous lunch. Sitting together with fellow tribespeople we will eat high quality and fresh food served by canteen staff, sometimes we will make the food ourselves.

Hiking in the forest. Gods have assigned us a special mission which we will have to complete. During the mission we will go on a hike through far-away lands and will explore unknown territories where no one has set foot before! This will be an interesting and full of challenges 14 kilometres orienteering hike with the dogs, also known as “dogtrekking”. We will also participate in a team forming exercise where some of the challenges are completed 8 metres high! Will you be ready to do the bravest jump in your life from a pine? To clear away all uncertainties and fears we will be using professional climbing equipment and our friend Running Wolf will gives us guidance.

Swimming ABC. Like real indigenous people we will be swimming in fresh river waters and refresh in a pond in the village. Running Wolf will explain how to tame the unpredictable streams and take away only the best of swimming.

Other fun activities will include sightseeing hikes through Neris regional park, evenings by the bonfire and some other surprises which we will keep as a secret for now smile emoticon So, let’s pack our bags and see you in YOUR adventure academy!