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Qiushi Vocational College – professional education institution of Beijing. It is a closed educational institution (which means the safety of students).

On the territory there is: Faculty management of records, Faculty of financial affairs, Faculty of information technology, computer classes, comprehensive training base of aviation services, student hostel, dining room for students, sports ground, multifunctional sports hall, tennis hall, Park and other institutions.

The training program for foreign students on the basis of 9 classes includes:

• Language course
• School curriculum
• Specialty

Specialty: E-business (e-commerce)
Duration of training: 3 years.

Without entrance examinations
Without HSK certificate
With zero knowledge of Chinese

The first six months — intensive study of the Chinese language, then in parallel to introduce subjects on the school curriculum. In the second year the student chooses the faculty and introduced a program in the specialty.

At the end of the full certificate of secondary education + the diploma of
professional education.

Tuition fee:  $6000

The price includes: Education; Accommodation; Food; Visa support; Medical examination; Educational AIDS; Guardianship; School uniform.


The dormitory for international students is located on the campus of the Institute. Students are offered 2-bed accommodation of hotel type, equipped with all necessary furniture.

The room has: Bed;  Wardrobe; Desk and chairs; Refrigerator;  TV; Conditioner; Shower and toilet; Laundry and kitchen (on the floor).


1. The student receives a certificate of secondary education + diploma of vocational education.
2. The College is a closed educational institution, the student can leave the College until 18: 30.
3. Students are under constant supervision of the teaching staff.
4. After graduating from College, if a student enters a higher education institution in a similar specialty, he has the opportunity to enter the 2nd or 3rd year.