International Teacher’s Day

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Celebrate your professional holiday with health benefits – hard academic year is ahead!
Exceptionally mild air resort Birstonas, surrounded by pine forests and winding river Nemunas, affects the body a rest as a huge inhaler, and the famous mineral water springs and therapeutic mud complementary nature Lebna factors of the resort, which was appreciated by those who have come to rest and treatment Birštonas.
A trip to the International Teachers’ Day in Lithuania
You are invited to Birštonas resort !!!
One of the oldest spa resorts in Lithuania, known since 1382. Unique natural resources (there are 56 sources of mineral water) and the exceptional landscape of these places have long attracted tourists. It is especially recommended to visit those who suffer from skin diseases, nervous or cardiovascular systems, for the treatment of the respiratory system, joints, and even cancer. Particularly worth noting pricing resorts Birštonas – the prices here are quite acceptable, and everyone will be able to secure a decent holiday.
With overnight in the historic part of Kaunas
October 2
Estimated arrival in Trakai.
Excursion to Trakai Castle (tickets for an additional fee).
The main attraction of the city – the famous Trakai Castle, which stands on an island in Lake Galve. Center of the architectural ensemble of the castle is a princely palace, surrounded by thick fortress wall with defensive towers.
Lunch tasting Karaite national cuisine restaurant Kybynlar.
Free time. Buying souvenirs.
Moving to Birstonas
Walking tour of the resort Birštonas.
Free time (visitors can dine in one of the cozy cafes and wellness treatments in the resort town \\ yourself).
Gala concert, the International Day of the teacher. Greeting. Congratulations.
Moving to Kaunas.
Hotel accommodation. Free time.
October 3
Departure Birštonas.
Inspection gymnasium and sports complex.
International Conference “Modern Pedagogy”.
Make presentations, round table with the Lithuanian and Russian colleagues, exchange of views.
Free time.
Wellness walk along the Kneipp paths and tower visiting (tower for evaporating the salt mineral water) – the first building in Lithuania, which produces maritime microclimate and improves health.
Opportunity to wellness.
Moving to Kaunas.
Overnight at the hotel.
October 4
Walking tour of Kaunas.
Free time. Buying souvenirs.
Exemption numbers. Landing with the things on the bus.
Departure home.
Pre-registration required!
Supplementary feeding is recommended to book in advance.
For the choice of treatments we offer to consult on October 2 and October 3 to book (or in advance).