Tour dedicated to the work of M.K. Čiurlionis

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“Way of M.K. Ciurlionis”

A trip to Lithuania, to the memorable places of Ciurlionis

Varena – Druskininkai – Kaunas – Vilnius

day 1

Visiting Old Varena – the birthplace of Ciurlionis. We will visit at the memorial stone, which in September 1988 was placed in memory of birth and death (the sculptor Egidijus Penkauskas).

Next “Ciurlionis Path” – the road from Varena to Druskininkai was decorated with sculptures and small architectural works of the group of folk artists from all over Lithuania in 1975.

Tour of Druskininkai. In Druskininkai many places associated with Ciurlionis. For example, a monument of Ciurlionis, which was opened in 1975 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist. National Art Museum of Ciurlionis was founded in his parents’ home in 1963. The two family houses restored authentic life of Ciurlionis and his family, in the other two buildings – the exposition reflecting the work of the artist, biography and family history.

Literary evening dedicated to the memory of Ciurlionis.

day 2

Excursion to the National Art Museum of Ciurlionis, which was founded in Kaunas in 1921 and is the first and largest art museum in Lithuania. You will see the scripts -Museum collects, stores and examines the work of Ciurlionis.

City tour “Kaunas – cultural capital” with a tour of the main attractions. You will meet many interesting and mysterious places, which hides the old town – you will see the legendary Kaunas Castle, Town Hall, and the white city’s cathedral. After a tour through the old town of Kaunas, walk through the city center, along the longest pedestrian street – Freedom avenue.

day 3

City tour ” Ciurlionis in Vilnius” with a visit to the house-museum and a monument at the grave of Ciurlionis Ross Cemetery (Race) in Vilnius.