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“Tarzanija” adventure park is situated in the pictures quevalley in Alytus region (south Lithuania) on the coast of the largest Lithuanian river Nemunas near Radžiūnai Mound. Location of the adventure park is very close to Alytus city – it will take only 2 km if you decide to take a pedestrian journey along the coast of the Nemunas, or 7 km by car from the city.
Tarzanija adventure park is accessible to all whatever their level of agility or experience. With different tracks, everyone can find the right one for his/her level and age. Our park is open to guests from 3 years old to over 70! Park offers 6 tracks of various difficulty levels for grown – ups, teenagers and one special track for children for the age of 3 to 7 years. Here you will find a longest fly zip in Europe – 350 m across the river and 590 m to both sides!
Track for children is a novelty, started just last year in Europe and is the first such in Lithuania. Here your children can climb anc challenge obstacles without safety equipment, because all track wraped with elastic toil that does not allow children to fall out or get hurt
TARZANIJA offers extraordinary impressions for all who like active outdoor activities , unforgetable scenery of the Nemunas coast, surrounded by the forests, mysterious scarps and old trees remindingantient times. Here you will find exciting challenges, adrenalin, new impressions and enjoy rest in comfortable arbors on the coast of Nemunas. Besides, on a hot day you can have a bathe in Nemunas river.
Adventure park is an exciting adventure trip through the tracks in the trees with with different level of challenges and obstacles on your way. These tracks are made from little wooden bridges, moving logs, spider nets, tarzan jums and many more. It is an exciting, fun and unforgetable way to spend day in nature. So visit us here for a fantastic, fun-filled day for you and all your family members.
Our helpful instructors will provide visitors with all the necessary information, training and professional safety equipment as well as help our guests that your leisure in our park be safe and unforgettable. Throughout the entirety of the tracks you will remain attached to a life-line support. Besides, all visitors are insured at xxx insurance company/ with civil liability….
For the convenience of our guests small café is open in, the park, where you can buy refreshments, tea, coffee and snacks.

Educational programmes (groups of 10 people and more)

The power of stone“ a programme about the secrets of stone origin, colour and shape, its way to the present day. You will create a unique piece of art by our own hands and keep it to yourself.

Duration – 1,5 hours


Make kibinas* yourself”you will be able to relax and go deeper into the art of cooking. You will hear of the origin and history of kibinai, learn to cook it according to the recipe of national heritage, try not only our but also your very own kibinai with pork and hot broth.

Duration – 1-1,5 hours

*Kibinas – a pastry filled with mutton and onions

Baking of dzukian buns“ this is a special archaic dish baked on dried cabbage leaf in a traditional bread furnace. We will share its secrets with You.

You will learn about the history of buns, as well as how to make them according to an old and unique recipe. Depending on your choice, you will be able to taste either soaked or dry buns with chicken.

Regular buns (small portion) + drink 

Regular buns (big portion) + drink 

Buns with chicken + drink 

Selection of drinks: table water, home-made kvass, sea buckthorn/cranberry drink.

Baking of kūčiukai(Christmas Eve cookies) (slightly sweet pastries made from leavened dough and poppy seeds)

This programme introduces the story of kūčiukai (Christmas Eve cookies) origin, the customs of Christmas and Christmas Eve, you will learn to knead the dough also to form and bake kūčiukai. You will not only taste your own cookies but also try our home made hot pie.

Self-baked Christmas Eve cookies

Self-baked Christmas Eve cookies + pie