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Museum of Hammers in Degučiai is a perfect place for the whole family to visit and get familiar with various hammers and their purpose. To do so one should contact by phone +370 682 24128 and arrange the visit. Currently there are 800 exhibits at the museum, but their number is constantly changing. There are exhibits from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, Holland, America, Malaysia, China, Norway, Greece, Japan, France, Denmark, Malta, Tanzania and Pakistan. The hammers are hung on walls in one room with cards indicating their purpose and country they have come from.

In modern world, where leading-edge technologies are used, it is still impossible to do without a hammer and it is used as a helper by representatives of many professions. These are clockmakers, mountaineers, jewellers, roofers, musicians, builders, metalworkers, judges, surgeons, stomatologists, smiths, railwaymen, foresters, welders, etc. Visitors of the museum will be able to see not only the hammers used by representatives of these professions, but also an extremely rare hammer used in horse racing in the 18th century or the hammer made in England from leather, which was used to make horse saddles. There one can see a very old hammer made in England and used for testing cheese or the hammer brought from Japan, which belonged to the Buddhist monastery, at the gong beat of which meditation of monks started, not to mention the hammer made in the middle of the 18th century and used by a forester to mark trees, which is a technical masterwork of that time. All this need to be seen with one`s own eyes. And these are far from all exhibits the Museum of Hammers in Degučiai will surprise you.