The training sessions

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The training sessions
We bring to your attention the following value-added services:
1) organization of the military mission (shooting, tasks performing, orientation in the area; duration 3-4 hours);
 2) paragliding (only from April 1, requires favorable weather conditions, about 50 km from Vilnius in a specially designed area);
3) parachuting (only from April 1, 5 people per session, duration 3-4 hours; need favorable weather conditions);
 4) the organization of tours in jeeps through complex routes (requires special clothing – free-sports-style, duration about 4 hours, in the jeep of 4 people + driver instructor);
5) horseback riding lessons (special classes for those with skills);
6) organization of boat trips in Trakai. Duration 1 hour. Trip on a sailing vessel “Baltis” in Trakai. Duration 1 hour. The organization of yachting in Trakai;
7) organization of a balloon flight (only from May 1, duration 3-4 hours per flight; need favorable weather conditions). We promise an unforgettable experience and beautiful panoramic views of Vilnius;
8) organization of a night tour of Trakai. Length – 2.5 hours;
9) organization of dog sledding;
10) a chocolate tasting and its manufacturing display;
11) archery (with an instructor) – 2 hours;
12) the battle of the Knights.
13) production of soap and an essential oil.
14) production of amulets of luck and love – 2-3 hours.



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