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Baltic in 3 days
Day 1 – Arrival in Vilnius, sightseeing tour, a night in a hotel (3 *).
Vilnius is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, during a sightseeing walking tour you will see: the medieval city defensive wall and enter the Old City through the Holy Gate miraculous image of the Virgin Mary Church Teresa former Carmelite monastery, Svyatoduhov Orthodox monastery with relics of Saints Vilna Martyrs John Anthony and Eustache, Trinity Uniate churches and monasteries, the National Philharmonic Hall, Church of St. Casimir, the Town Hall Square, the Church of St. Nicholas, stroll through Castle Street with its old medieval buildings, alleys of the Old Town – Writers, Bernardine, will come to the Church of St. Michael, visit the museum gallery Amber Anna Church, Bernardine Church, Cathedral Square: monument to the founder of Vilnius – Duke Gediminas, Cathedral CB. Stanislas chapel with CB. Casimir.
Day 2 – breakfast, arrival in Riga, sightseeing tour, a night in a hotel (3 *).
You will see: The Dome Cathedral of the XIII century, with unique old body, Riga Castle – is now the residence of the president of Latvia, the Statue of Liberty (the national symbol of Latvia), the building of the National Opera will be held at the Convention sets (Old Town) – a small quarter with a hotel, a museum of porcelain, antique shops and cafes. Pritronus Bremen Town Musicians at the monument located near the altar of the Cathedral of St. Peter. Take a walk on the Town Hall Square – one of the central squares of Riga, which is located in the building of the Riga City Council and the Riga House of Blackheads (first mentioned in 1334, the central building of the trade guild of the Hanseatic League), the Swedish Gate, the House of the Convention, bridge lovers.
3 day – breakfast, arrival in Tallinn, sightseeing tour, a night in a hotel (3 *).
Excursions include: a walk in the Upper and Lower Town. In the Upper Town, you will see Toompea Castle, the Dome Cathedral – one of the oldest churches in Tallinn’s Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, two viewing platforms, with a magnificent view of the Old City. From the Upper Town, you will go down in the Garden of the Danish King – one of the most romantic places in Tallinn and on the street. Lühike Jalg (short leg) into the lower town to the church of St. Nicholas (Nicholas’). Next, you pass on the street. Rataskaevu (wheel well) to the Town Hall Square and in the shortest street Sayakang (bakery pass) will pass to the church of St. Spirit and Great Guild Hall. And then you will see the old Orthodox Church of Estonia, the only one in Old Town Catholic church St. Peter and Paul, the ruins of the Dominican convent.
Day 4 – breakfast, arrival at the border of Estonia and Russia (to 12:00).
The number and sequence of the inspection of objects may vary slightly.
Additionally, we offer a number of interesting places to visit in Vilnius:
1) The Republic of Uzupis (District)
Duration – 2 hours on foot.
Attending objects Bridge Districts Angel Districts, the Constitution of the district, Incubator Arts, Church of St. Bartholomew Yards Districts, Bernardine Cemetery (The list of objects may vary). Uzupis – one of the oldest districts in Vilnius, mentioned in historical sources as early as the sixteenth century. District – Republic of artists with their government, constitution, anthem, traditions and holidays.
2) Dungeon Cathedral
Duration – 2 hours on foot.
3) As a bonus – a visit to the Museum of money (free)!
This museum, according to the press service of the Bank of Lithuania, international tourist portal recognized as one of the most popular museums in the world’s money – pre-registration is required.
4) Wine Lithuanian beer
Lithuanian cuisine, snacks holodnyk leave no one indifferent, but the beer we Mauger surprise – Try Lithuania taste!
Additionally, we offer a number of interesting places to visit in Riga:
1) Excursion “Central market”
Duration – 2 hours on foot.
The market is open since 1930 and is recognized as not only the biggest but also the best and most modern in Europe. The purpose of the tour to talk about the purpose of the huge pavilions that happened behind those walls in Soviet times and use them during the Second World War. And as we look in the cellar – and learn about the invisible part of the entire structure.
2) Tour of the roofs “Panorama of the city with a bird’s eye view”
Duration – 2 hours on foot.
You will see the city as incense – a mixture of architectural styles the only way to see the details.
3) The museum of Laima chocolate
Duration – 2 hours on a visit to the museum with educational program (Session chocolate shop).
Preparation of chocolate has always been shrouded in mystery. Therefore, we will try masterpieces Laima chocolate and take a look behind the scenes to find out more about how to create a miracle.
4) Riga’s balm tasting in medicine museum
Duration – 1 hr.
 Riga Black Balsam is known since the mid-18th century and is still used in folk medicine since It is considered a good treatment for problems related to digestion. Legend has it that the most Catherine the Great during his visit to Latvia became ill and she was healed when tasted wonderful drink of herbs – Riga balsam. Over time, experts from many countries appreciated the quality of this fine drink and awarded him more than 30 awards.
Additionally, we offer a number of interesting places to visit in Tallinn:
1) Maritime Museum Lёtnaya Harbor
Duration – 2 hours on.
The museum is very modern – lots of computer entertainment flight simulators in an airplane, traveling in a submarine, radio-controlled models of ships and the sea romantic stories.
2) Kiek in de Kök and Bastion CAVE
Duration – 2 hours.
Tallinn’s most powerful tower in conjunction with underground tunnels Ingermanlandsky and Swedish bastions offers a journey through time, starting in 1219 and up to 2219.
3) Estonian Open Air Museum
Duration – 2 hours.
For example, 12 farms of the museum you can get an idea of how people lived in the XVIII-XX centuries families of different incomes and different kinds of activities: there is a church, restaurant, school, windmills, a fire station, a village shop, a barn near the sea for storage networks and etc.
4) Liquor tasting
Duration – 1.5 hours.
Tasting and the story of the traditional Estonian liqueurs – Old Tallinn, Rooster on a stump, Kiiu Tower, etc., you will learn how and where to drink boiled and drank the townspeople as they are produced and how did all well-known Estonian liqueur – Vana Tallinn.