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1. We offer tours of Vilnius (individual) for groups up to 6 people in a time convenient for you
A walking tour of the Old Town of Vilnius Cathedral and the area, Presidency, courtyards of Vilnius University *, the Jewish Quarter, Town Hall Square, the Church of St. Spirit Chapel of the Sacred Gate, Bastion, the Republic of Districts, the Church of St. Anne and Bernardine, Palace Street.
Lenght: 3.5 – 4 hours
Tour guide cost: 80 eur
Languages: Russian, English, German, Polish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Lithuanian and others.
Extra time: 20 eur per hour.
* Entrance fees to museums at additional cost.
For groups of 6 or more people, we can offer a special program.
Upon request (from individual tourists and groups) we can offer tours on routes composed especially for you. The cost of trips depends on the number of participants and duration.
There are variations of different thematic tours:
History of Christianity
Jewish heritage
Russian heritage
Polish heritage
German heritage
Karaite heritage
Castles – witnesses of history
Stories of Vilnius dungeons
Vilnius courtyards – legends and myths
Romantic Vilnius
Evening // night Vilnius
Vilnius – the capital of Baroque in Eastern Europe
History of Vilnius University
For connoisseurs of beer traditions
The road of cheese
Features of the Lithuanian national cuisine
Special tours in a playful way for children (guides – only with teacher education): medieval city, castles, rulers, dungeon, legends, various master – classes, etc.
2. A car sightseeing tour of Vilnius at a convenient time for you.
Sightseeing tour by car allows in a very short time to see a lot and create a bright, deep understanding of Vilnius. During the tour you will visit the Church of Peter and Paul, Three Crosses mountain, where the whole city is “at a glance” and drive along the main avenue of Gediminas, see Uzupis, the Parliament and much more …
The tour: 1,5 – 3 hours
Tour guide and transportation services (for a group of 1-3 people): 120 eur;
for groups of more than 3 people, we offer a special price.
Languages: Russian, English, German, Polish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Lithuanian and others.
Extra time: 30 eur/h.
3. Regular Tours in Vilnius (the Cathedral square) are organized every day.
Tour starts at 10:00 am; at 13.00 hours and 15.00 hours.
Duration: 2 hours.
The tour is conducted in the presence of at least two people.
English language.
Price – 22 eur per person.
The price includes:
Tour on a comfortable minibus with large panoramic windows and air conditioning.
Services of a professional guide.
4. Excursions in Vilnius (from City Hall Square) with audio guide are organized every day. Languages: English, Russian, German, Polish, French, Italian, Norwegian and others.
Tour starts at 10:00; at 11.30; at 13.45, 15.00 and 16.30 from the Cathedral Square.
Tour starts at 10.25; at 12.00; at 14.00; at 15.25 and 17.00 from the Town Hall Square.
Duration: 1.20 h.
Price – 15 eur per person.
Mandatory pre-registration by phone +37067299332 or e-mail:

Vilnius – Lithuanian Capital of Culture


Vilnius is a unique city that boasts medieval castles, unique architecture of the Old Town, a great number of regularly held concerts and performances, luxurious restaurants and clubs.