Excursions in Zarasai

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Route 1
Zarasai – Šlinika – Stelmužė
“Try it!”
While traveling along this route you will visit not only Lithuanian Switzerland referred Zarasai , the oldest in Europe oak in Stelmužė, but also experience a lot of impressions going in Šlinika – village watermill!
Route 2
Antalepte – Dusetos
“Taste it!”
The proposed route is a real attraction for all travelers ! While traveling on this route , you will visit the fabulous village of bridges Antalepte, will be able to test your artistic ability to thread and fine ceramics in the house at the folk artisan crafts Erikas Čipas.
Route 3
Degučiai – Vajasiškis
“Open it!”
While traveling this route, you will visit the national artisan Gediminas Kairisa, try to create products of wood , you can visit an old man village of Vajasiškis.
Route 4
Day trip to the lake Sartai
“Feel it!”
Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the largest lakes in Lithuania – lake Sartai!